General FAQ

What is ZED RUN?

ZED RUN is a digital horse racing game where users can own, breed and race digital racehorses with other players from around the world, 24/7. Using emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, ZED RUN enables users to experience the same benefits of owning a thoroughbred racehorse in real life.

What do I need in order to play?

You'll need four simple things to get started: a computer (laptop or desktop) that uses Chrome (Firefox or Brave), a digital wallet, and Ethereum (digital currency).

Is ZED RUN safe and secure to play?

Yes. ZED RUN utilises Smart Contracts to record racehorses ownership and will be tracked via the use of the Ethereum blockchain and ZT ERC 721 non-fungible tokens. All racehorse data (bloodline, genotype, gender, colour, number of offsprings and race statistics) will be stored in the smart contract. Given that all ZED RUN racehorses are tokens that live within the blockchain, they can be bought or sold digitally, with a guarantee of ownership. In other words, you are the sole owner of a digital racehorse. Head over to ZED RUN’s Privacy to understand what information is collected.

How do I purchase a racehorse?

• Create a stable in by connecting a MetaMask wallet
• Go to OpenSea
• Search for ZED RUN to view the verified collection (marked by a blue tick)
• Filter racehorses by various categories to find the right one for your stable.
• Click on the racehorse you want and “Buy now.”

Can I purchase a racehorse using my credit card?

Yes, you can buy a ZED RUN racehorse on OpenSea using a credit card. Follow their instructions as this option may not apply to all regions.
Note: if you want to enter paid races or breed your racehorse on the ZED RUN platform, you will need cryptocurrency.

Are there any free racehorses?

There are no racehorses available for free. However, there are often community-led giveaways on Twitter, Twitch and other platforms to help new users get into the game.

How do I know if I'm buying from the verified ZED RUN collection?

OpenSea is ZED RUN's trusted secondary marketplace partner for buying and selling racehorses. When making a purchase or sale on OpenSea, always ensure you are using the official and verified ZED RUN contract. You can identify the correct contract by the blue tick as shown in the image below:

How long does it take to get my racehorse to my stable?

Once you purchase a racehorse from OpenSea, it may take up to 15 minutes or longer to appear in your ZED RUN stable. You will see the racehorse in your OpenSea collection before you see it in your stable.

How do I find out what type of racehorse I have?

• Head to the ‘My stable’ section of the site
• Click to expand your racehorse’s profile
• View the details like Genotype, Bloodline, Gender, Coat Colour, racing statistics and more

How do I race?

Go to and login
• Go to the Racing tab and select Events
• You can choose to view the available events by clicking on a Class and from there, view at the options for distances and fee
• Once you select your race, pick a gate and select your racehorse
• Once that race fills, it will move to the Next to Run tab
Note: You can toggle to view my racehorses only

How do I watch my race live?

In the Next to Run tab, toggle by my racehorses only to find your race
• Click to expand it
• Click Watch 3D. You can also watch it in 2D

I think I missed my race! How do I watch it?

• Go to the results tab in the racing section
• Toggle my horses only. Click to expand the race. Click Replay
• If you want to see the results immediately, then click Show Results

How do I know if my racehorse is any good?

ZED RUN is very much a game of discovery. When it comes to racing, ZED RUN racehorses may have a preference for certain distances. Test your racehorses across a range of distances to discover what suits them.
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