Class Progression
Every racehorse is placed into a class, 1-6, after the completion of the Discovery races, based on their class rating points.
A racehorse's class rating can increase or decrease based on their finishing position in races, relative to the strength of competition in that race. As a result, racehorses can also move up and down classes.
Racehorses that finish in the top three (3) will gain points, with more points gained for finishing 1st over 2nd, 2nd over 3rd etc. Racehorses that finish 7th - 12th will all lose points at the same level, based on the strength of opposition, so there is no additional benefit to finishing 12th over 7th.
After every race, a racehorse can either regress into a lower tier Class, stay in the same Class or progress into a higher tier Class.
A racehorse can only compete in the class it is currently in. For example, a racehorse in Class 4 can only compete in Class 4 races.
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