Discovery Races
All racehorses must complete one (1) Griffin race, and nine (9) further Discovery races, before they enter the full class system.
All Discovery races are free to enter and have their own prize pools.

What are Griffin and Discovery races?

All un-raced racehorses start with the same class rating. This rating can increase and decrease based on a racehorse's finishing position in Discovery races. These rating point changes are multiplied by two (2) while a racehorse is competing in Discovery races to speed up the discovery process.
Racehorses will not be able to enter Discovery races if they are below 80% stamina.
What if I deliberately try to lose in my Discover races? What a rebel. The Dynamic Class System doesn’t prevent sandbagging, nor is it designed to. It is phase one of a much bigger set of updates to the ZED RUN racing landscape that will incentivise racing upwards by rewarding those in higher classes through various methods. Phase one of the updated class system is a necessary step in order to reach a more dynamic and competitive ecosystem.
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