Dynamic Class System

What is the Dynamic Class System?

The Dynamic Class System represent the first phase of the improved Class System. This phase includes an update which determines a racehorse’s class by calculating a racehorse’s rating according to its position at the end of any given race, relative to the field of competition. This will more accurately represent a racehorse’s rating based on its past performance.

How does the Dynamic Class System work?

All un-raced racehorses start their ZED RUN racing career with the same class rating score. They must complete a Griffin race, as well as nine (9) further Discovery races, before they are assigned a Class, 1-6.
With each race a racehorse runs, its class rating will increase or decrease based on its finishing position in that race, relative to the strength of the competition it raced against.
Racehorses that finish in the top 3 will gain points, with more points gained for finishing 1st over 2nd, 2nd over 3rd etc. Racehorses that finish 7th - 12th will all lose points at the same level, based on the strength of opposition, so there is no additional benefit to finishing 12th over 7th.
While in the Discovery Class, a racehorse's class rating points changes will be multiplied by two (2), in order to speed up the discovery process.
Players will not be able to see their racehorses’ class rating scores until after they have completed all 10 races in Discovery Class.
Based on the class rating upon completion of the 10 Discovery races, each racehorse will be distributed into the corresponding class, 1 to 6, resulting in a fairer distribution of racehorses amongst the class system.

What constitutes “the strength of the competition” that a racehorse runs against?

The strength of a racehorse in this context is determined by their class rating points. This means racehorses will compete against other horses of similar class ratings.

Can a racehorse lose class rating points while racing below 80% stamina?

No, a racehorse will not lose class rating points while racing below 80% stamina.