NASCAR Challenge Breed for Speed
Breed for Speed is a competition format open exclusively to NASCAR passholders.

Contest Period

May 12 at 12:01am until May 16 at 12:01am UTC

How to Enter

The Breed for Speed has specific entry conditions:
  • The race is open to NASCAR ZED Pass holders only
  • One pass = unlimited entries
  • Only un-raced racehorses are eligible to enter this tournament (that means a racehorse’s first qualifying race must be in Griffin or Discovery races within the contest period. Only Discovery races will count towards the contest).
  • At the end of the contest period, the top 200 horses will each win $100 (Top 25 podium placements of each of the four bloodlines plus Top 25 4th place finishes of the four bloodlines)
Note: Participants do not have to breed a racehorse themselves, they also have the option of purchasing an unraced racehorse to participate


  • Each stable may win a MAX total of four times (e.g. the most a stable can win will be $400)
  • Your racehorse must remain in the wallet with the pass in order to receive winnings
  • Winners will be paid within 72 hours of challenge completion
  • The racehorse must run its Griffin race from the stable attached to the wallet address that holds the NASCAR ZED Pass
  • If you transfer the racehorse out of the stable, the racehorse will not be able to accumulate stats until it is returned to that stable with the NASCAR ZED Pass.

NASCAR Pass holder Snapshot

A snapshot of NASCAR Pass holders has been taken on May 9 at 12:01am UTC / May 9 at 10:01am AEST
i. You must have the racehorses you are entering in the Breed For Speed contest in the same wallet as your NASCAR Pass to be eligible. Please keep them in the same wallet for the duration of the event and, if you win any prize money, until that has been paid out.


$20k prize pool

Tournament Format

  • Winners separated by bloodline (four types)
  • Top 25 horses with the most # of podium placements by each bloodline
  • Top 25 horses with the most # of fourth place finishes by each bloodline
  • 200 horses win $100 each
  • In the event of a tie, the horses with the most class points will be considered the winners
Please see here for Terms and Conditions