ZED RUNdown Edition 18

That’s another week in the racebooks, ZED Headz!
The ZED RUN news cup runneth over with things to highlight this week. We have tournaments, product updates, a community interview, upcoming ZED RUN member Twitter Spaces chat, and much, much more to drink in.
Let’s get into this week’s edition of the ZED RUNdown!

Class 1 Premier Returns!

Calling all Class 1 racehorses, it’s your time to shine! The search for ZED RUN’s finest is back with the return of the Class 1 Premier. The $125,000 prize pool tournament kicks off May 9 at 12:01 AM UTC.
Do you have a racehorse that’s ready for the big leagues? Learn more about how to participate here in the ZED RUN Guide.

Derby Day

Get out your ornate hats and mix up a mint julep: Derby Day at ZED RUN has arrived!
The 148th running of the Kentucky Derby takes place this weekend, and to celebrate ZED is running twelve custom racing events, each with specific eligibility conditions.
Want to follow along with the action? A full breakdown of the event can be found here in the ZED RUN Guide.

May the 4th

The 4th was strong this past week as ZED paid homage to one of cinema’s most iconic films. All 4,418 racehorses that finished 4th during the May the 4th promotion will be airdropped a skin honouring the sci-fi classic within 28 days of the qualifying race.
Congratulations to all the winners, who are now members of the exclusive ZED RUN Dark Force club!
For more information on the contest, visit the page here in the ZED RUN Guide.

Product and UX Updates

  • Discovery races will now no longer include a prize pool. These funds will now be reallocated towards new events aimed at new users and smaller stables.
  • Conditional tournaments are currently under front-end testing to ensure a smooth rollout and proper user experience. Scheduled to launch by the end of May, conditionals will alternate on a weekly basis.
  • Our game developers are working hard to improve our game of skill. In-game decisions, lending, and other elements are under development that will bolster ZED for the long-haul.
  • Breeding requests and settlements have been moved on-chain to improve reliability and to reduce errors.
  • Our UX team has added direct lineage of newly bred racehorses in a collapsed card view within stables.

Top Sales

If a ZED racehorse is sold, but the @zedsalesbot doesn’t report it, did it really sell? The answer is obviously yes, but the impact hits much harder when there are witnesses.
Let’s take a look at some of the loudest ZED racehorse sales of the week!
ETH/USD at time of sale
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Stallion
Young Gun
Z1 Nakamoto Genesis Mare
Z2 Nakamoto Genesis Mare

Margaritas with Lacy After Dark

At ZED RUN, Lacy from @RacingGlue hosts a tri-weekly Lacy After Dark Twitch stream that is all about ensuring players get to every corner of the ZED party.
“My viewers are probably 50/50, new to seasoned players,” Lacy says. “I stream three times a week and try to cover ZED news for those that are too busy to keep their finger on the pulse, or, are new to the game and only race once or twice a week.”
A registered nurse of 15 years, Lacy has recently taken a break from the profession. She discovered ZED just over a year ago, and was enamoured with the concept of owning an NFT, and being able to race and breed with it. . Then a small community, she says she instantly felt welcomed by fellow ZED Headz.
“Coming into that kind of community environment makes you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself,” Lacy says, “That’s why I love helping new people in the game. I want them to feel that as well,”
Lacy is known for her infamous “Margarita Friday’s” stream where, at times, things can get end-of-the-week loose.
“I tend to let my opinions flow much more freely on a Margarita Friday stream!” Lacy jokes. “ I love when other people join the stream and tell me what they’re drinking and how to make it.”
“Fridays are definitely a day for people to chill out, connect on my stream, and just have fun talking ZED after a long week of work.”
Lacy says she always stresses to new players that starting small and having fun while they learn the game is the way to go.
“ZED has been an industry leader and pioneer in this space for a long time,” Lacys says. “They’re laying the foundation for the future and implementing new ideas.”
“I’m excited to be part of this evolution and explore this new frontier in Web3 gaming.”
Watch LacyAfterDark Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays beginning at 6 PM EST.

ZED RUN Twitter Spaces with ZG

Virtually Human Studio CTO Jason Melo joins @ZedGazette on Twitter Spaced this Saturday May 7 at 4 PM EST for an in-depth chat. Want to get a question answered? Send them to ZG prior to the sitdown going live!

KnowYourHorses to the Moon

What a week for our friends over at KnowYourHorses! KYH has dominated the ZED news cycle with an assortment of appearances, articles, and announcements. Let’s dive into the highlights.

KnowYourHorses Enters 'The Club'

@RyanTrost from KnowYourHorses is a guest on ‘The Club,’ a weekly YouTube show hosted by Pete Overzet. Ryan chats on a variety of topics, including the ZED Cliff Notes and the debut of his team’s P2E analytic tool KnowYourWallet.
If you missed the stream, give it a watch!

Hawku's Affiliate Program and ZED Creator Fee

Big news, creators! Hawku and ZED have teamed up to create an affiliate program that rewards the creation of community tools and content. The program’s first affiliate partner is none other than Know Your Horses!
For more information on how the Hawku Affiliate Program read the blog on the website.

'How a Digital Horse Named Spicy Mayo Changed My World'

LuckyTraderHQ Co-Founder Jonathan Bales recently penned an extraordinarily insightful article titled ‘How a Digital Horse Named Spicy Mayo Changed My World’ that details his introduction to ZED, his journey in NFT’s, and the enormous potential that comes with P2E gaming. Bales is part of the team behind the Know Your Wallet Founder's Pass, an NFT that provides lifetime access to all the KYW game tools, giveaways, and community events.

ICYMI: Fireside Chat

The team at KYH caught up with the team yesterday to chat all things ZED and what's to come!

Auction for Action

Looking for some good racehorses, and even more importantly, some good karma? A group comprised of @PoseidonRacing, @Icebergracing, @roidragerracing, @MrsRoidRager, and @Doofy_eth have you covered. The team is auctioning off racehorses to help those devastated by flooding in NSW, Australia earlier this year.
The auction will be ongoing until 10pm UTC on Sunday May 8, at which time the team says all highest bids will be accepted. If you’re interested, or would like to help, place your bids!

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