Links & ZED RUN Initiative

In December 2023, premier cryptocurrency sportsbook (official partners of English Premier League team Newcastle United) launched an initiative to combine ZED RUN's virtual horse racing experience with their sports betting technology, opening races up to be wagered on by people around the world!
In short, odds are available through’s platform! provides fixed odds on all 12 gate, paid races and Class 1-3 free races (12 gate only) starting January 2024.

What Is Being Provided to

The information being received by will include:
  • Placement probabilities
  • Bloodline, Breedtype and Genotype
  • Level
  • Win rate
  • Place rate
  • Total races
  • Career performance
  • Class
  • Coat colour
  • Racehorse name
  • Stable name
It’s important to note that we aim to assist in making the wagering experience more fun by providing more detailed data.

Where is available?

We understand that placing a bet on may not be available in your region, however, you will still be able to access all the information (i.e. the ‘odds’) on their website or through The ZEDGE or Stacked Naks Stable Pro so no one is disadvantaged.

Moving forward

The overarching intent of this initiative with is to further strengthen ZED RUN as an emerging virtual sports and NFT product, attract more stable owners to the community, show our commitment to innovation and demonstrate our ability to work with some of the biggest brands in our space. We know you may have many more questions, so we’ve prepared some FAQs explaining how it will work:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is providing pari-mutuel wagering (i.e. pool betting) with dynamic odds as wagers are placed?
No, is providing fixed odds wagering. Once they set their wagering odds, the odds will remain static.
Where can be used? What regions are eligible to wager, and what is the currency
Wagering on ZED RUN through’s platform will not be available in every region. A list of restricted regions can be found here.
What data will be seen on
The information being provided to will initially include:
  • Bloodline, Breedtype and Genotype
  • Level
  • Win rate
  • Place rate
  • Total races
  • Career performance
  • Class
  • Coat colour
  • Racehorse name
  • Stable name
I can’t see any races on to
bet on
Currently, we are only providing with:
  • 12 gate, paid and Class races
  • Class 1-3 free races (12 gate)
At times, there will be no races to bet on, and at other times, there will be multiple ZED RUN races to bet on.
We will look at adding more race types in the future if there is demand.
Are you going to supply any other information to
Yes, we aim to assist to access much more information (i.e. results per distance) to make their wagering experience more fun.
Who is it for? Can anyone wager on horses?
Eligible customers of will be able to wager on ZED RUN races, subject to their Terms and Conditions and their restricted jurisdictions as mentioned above.
Which races will be eligible to be wagered on?
We expect all paid, 12 horse races and Class 1-3 free races (qualification races are included) will be available. This may be subject to change.
We understand Sit n Go Tournaments may be included at a later date, and six horse races may be included in the future if there is sufficient demand.
I’m in a jurisdiction where I can’t use, can I still access and see the odds?
Anyone connecting from the UK or Argentina will not be able to see odds. In all other regions, you should be able to access’s odds even when you are in a restricted jurisdiction but you will not be able to place a wager.
How will the scheduling process work for wager eligible races, will they have a bigger wait time before they run so bets can accumulate?
In the short term, we do not expect there to be an impact on the current race schedule. Third party betting markets will open when a race is successfully full and scheduled.
How long do I have to place a bet on
When a ZED RUN race is filled, you should have up to when the race starts to place a wager, which is typically five minutes.
Are the prize pools for wager eligible races juiced at all depending on betting volume?
There is no plan for this currently but it is an option which could be explored in the future.
How are the betting odds for the races set?
ZED RUN supplies with a data feed, which includes information, such as performance probabilities. This enables to have the option to use that data, with its own data, to calculate odds at its discretion. The performance probability data we provide are indicative only, and not true results data.
Why aren’t these probability data feeds offered on ZED RUN to ZED RUN users?
The data provided to helps operators have a level of confidence to offer sustainable markets. The information provided includes indications as to the likelihood of success. Since 3rd party wagering would be live, this information won’t be published on the ZED RUN site as it could be perceived as gambling-related content.
Are the initial odds a derivative of certain metrics from ZED's database? Actual current horse attributes? Historical performance?
The probability data ZED RUN provided to is calculated after each race is filled and is based on racehorse attributes. may use that data to generate its odds.
Will the initial probability data be obtainable by third parties moving forward via API for content/tool creators?
At the moment there are no plans for this. For this to happen, many considerations would need to be taken into account, e.g., regulatory licensing.
Will the odds provided by be attainable via a ZED RUN API?
No, not at the moment and we do not envisage this to occur.