May 22 Live Game Updates

Season Zero Wildcards and Grand Finals

We’re currently working on finalising everything for the Wildcard and Grand Final Qualifying Rounds. To ensure everything runs smoothly, we’re doing a few extra checks, and we hope to have things ready to go by tonight US time. We’ll keep you updated with timings for the Wildcard Round, which will kick off first, followed by the Grand Final Qualifying Round.

Season 1

With Season Zero coming to an end, we’ll be taking a short break before diving into Season 1. This will allow us to digest all of the feedback (please keep it coming!) and make the necessary adjustments to make Season 1 bigger and better. Timelines and changes will be communicated soon, but the break will feature a variety of tournaments to keep you all entertained.

Next Maiden

Given the short break after Season Zero, we’ll be moving the Maiden date slightly. The next Maiden will therefore begin on Saturday, June 1 UTC. At time of writing the prize pool is sitting at a little over $30,000 USD, so it’s shaping up to be an exciting event!

We’re also thinking a lot about the Maiden format and possible changes. One option we want to get the community’s opinion on is the following:

<21 races conditional Sit & Go qualifiers

3 rounds / 12-gates / All 12 progress (12 horses total)

Formula Z, sum of best 9 scoring

The main benefit of this format is a reduction in grind - by entering a single SnG you’ll be completing three of your qualifying races (as every horse progresses through every round and is scored for each round). We very much want feedback on this format, so let us know what you think!

To facilitate upcoming changes to Sit & Go tournaments, we’ll be boosting the base XP for paid races. This is to encourage levelling to take place in paid races, allowing Sit & Go’s to return to what they were originally intended for - fun. This change will take place before Season 1 begins, and should allow horses bred for that season to really catapult themselves up their classes during the season.

Sit & Go Changes

We want to make Sit & Go’s fun, bringing them back to their roots as a place to experience the thrill of tournaments without the need to qualify. With that in mind, and in the context of the paid racing XP changes, we’ll be removing the current SnGs from the lobby and replacing them with some new formats, likely starting with:

One Dollar and a Dream

Format: 2 / 12 / 1 (144)

Payout: WTA

Semi Final prize pool: 0%

Final prize pool: 100%

Eligibility: Open

Availability: Every class (1-6)

Entry Fee: $1

1v1 Me

Format: 4 / 2 / 1 (16)

Payout: WTA

Eighth Final prize pool: 10%

Quarter Final prize pool: 20%

Semi Final prize pool: 30%

Final prize pool: 40%

Eligibility: Open

Availability: Every class (1-6)

Entry Fee: $5

We also want to know which formats you’d like to see, so check out this page to see what options are available.

We’ll review SnG suggestions in the #racing-suggestions channel in Discord and add any popular and viable options to the lobby periodically!

Upcoming Tournaments

In the break between the end of Season Zero and the start of Season 1 we'll be running the following tournaments, with more planned too:

Class 3 Sit & Go Flash - 12am UTC May 23 - 11:59pm UTC May 24 - Sit & Go races only - Sit & Go Stability scoring - Sum of best 5 races, minimum 1 race - 1000m, 1600m, 2200m finals distances - 2 rounds / 12-gates / top 3 progress and pay out (48 total qualifiers per funnel) - $1,000 ZED Token prize pool Buterin Flash - 12am UTC May 25 - 11:59pm UTC May 26 - Open Class Buterin races only - Formula Z scoring - Sum of best 6 races, minimum 1 race - 1400m, 2000m, 2600m finals distances - 2 rounds / 12-gates / top 4 progress, top 3 pay out (36 total qualifiers per funnel) - $1,000 ZED Token prize pool

Free Open Flash Tournaments - May 25-26 UTC (C2 & C4 - 1200m/1800m/2400m finals) - May 29-30 (C1 & C5 - 1400m/2000m/2600m finals) - June 1-2 (C3 & C6 - 1000m/1600m/2200m finals) - Free, 12-gate races only - Premier scoring - Sum of best 5 races, minimum 1 race - 2 rounds / 12-gates / top 2 progress and pay out (72 total qualifiers per funnel) - $150 ZED Token prize pool per event

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