Lending Marketplace

The Lending Marketplace offers a way for new players to join ZED RUN, learn the mechanics of the game, and eventually compete with the existing community, while also giving existing racehorse owners the option to put otherwise less used racehorses to meaningful work.

Lending Agreement Period

All racehorses entered into the Lending Marketplace will initially have the same fixed agreement period of four days.

  • Racehorses waiting in the Lending Marketplace will not consume the lending agreement period. The period only starts when a borrower takes the racehorse from the marketplace.

  • After the time is up, the racehorse will be returned to the Lending Marketplace by default.

  • There will be a fixed prize share between the lender and the borrower of 50/50.

  • Lenders have the option to return their racehorse to their stable, instead of the marketplace at the end of a lending period. They can do this by:

    • Navigating to their stable.

    • Clicking the ‘on loan’ tab.

    • Navigating to the relevant racehorse.

    • Selecting ‘return to stable’.

Lending Marketplace

  • The Lending Marketplace contains racehorses that can be borrowed by players.

  • Lenders use Lending Permits to put their racehorses into the Lending Marketplace.

  • Any player can borrow a racehorse from the Lending Marketplace. They can borrow a maximum of two racehorses at a time. In the future, limits may be placed on which players can borrow from the lending marketplace.

  • Initially, Lenders will not be able to choose which player borrows their racehorses in the Lending Marketplace. Eventually, lenders will be able to choose a specific borrower, along with custom lending periods and prize split rates.

  • Lenders can withdraw their racehorses from the Lending Marketplace at any time, if they are not currently being borrowed.

On/Off Chain Accessibility

  • By design, the Lending Marketplace is intended to be used through a front-end platform interface instead of direct smart contract calls.

  • In efforts to provide transparency and promote fair use, all direct contract interactions with all lending or borrowing related functionality is not supported at this time.

  • Services have been created to automatically revert attempts to directly interact with the lending contracts. Any attempt to directly interact with the lending smart contracts are not authorised under the terms and conditions of use, and will be at the user’s risk.

  • Any unauthorised interaction with the lending smart contracts may result in remedies which include access being blocked to the Lending smart contracts, and / or ZED RUN.

Lending Racehorses

Entering a Racehorse into the Lending Marketplace

  • Players can use Lending Permits to enter their available racehorses into the Lending Marketplace. See ‘Lending Permits’ for more information.

  • If a player has one or more Lending Permit(s) available, they can click the “Lend Racehorse” button in the ‘On Loan’ section of the stable, or the “Lend” Button on a specific racehorse’s card.

  • The racehorse to be entered into the Lending Marketplace must meet the following criteria:

    • The racehorse is not currently in any Gate or Race.

    • The racehorse is not currently in the Stud Farm.

    • The racehorse is not currently set to Lending already.

    • The racehorse is in the player’s stable.

    • It has been more than 24 hours since a skin was attached or detached from the racehorse.

    • The racehorse is generally not incapacitated in any way by any other feature.

  • Once the on-chain transaction is signed, and the transaction has been confirmed on-chain, the racehorse will be committed to the Lending Marketplace and can be borrowed by other players.

  • Note: players may experience a small delay during block creation. Racehorses waiting for confirmation will appear in a pending state, in which the transaction can be retried if there are any sync errors.

Racehorse Ownership

  • The racehorse remains under the ownership of the lender.

  • At no time will the racehorse NFT become the property of the borrower.

  • Owners will be able to view their racehorses engaged with lending in the ‘on loan’ section of the stable.

Managing Racehorses in the Lending Marketplace

In the new ‘on loan’ section of the stable, a player using the Lending feature can:

  • Decide whether they want their racehorse to automatically return to either their stable or the Lending Marketplace once a Lending Period ends.

  • View the status of their racehorse(s).

  • Retrieve their racehorse(s) from the Lending Marketplace.

Borrowing Racehorses

What can the Borrower do with the racehorse?

Enter free races: Yes* Enter paid races: Yes* Enter tournaments: Yes** Breed: No Transfer: No

The Borrower will be responsible for paying any race entry fees.

*Please note:

  • In order to reduce initial prize split conflicts, borrowed racehorses will only be able to enter races if they have more than one hour remaining on the lending term.

  • Attempting to enter a racehorse into a race with less than one hour will result in a disabled state within the game.

  • This restriction is not supported for direct contract calls.

  • Players should make direct contract calls at their own risk, especially when the lending term is short and a race may not start before the lending period finishes.

** Please note, tournament payouts will all go to the original racehorse owner if the Lending Period ends before the racehorse completes the tournament and returns to the owner’s stable.

Changes to this logic may be added in the future, and will be accompanied by an announcement.

Access Limitations (Borrower)

End of the Lending Period

  • Once the Lending Period ends, control of the loaned racehorse is transferred back to the Lending Marketplace. If the owner has set the recall option to be ‘ return to stable’, the racehorse will instead go straight to the owner’s stable.

  • Players are then free to borrow another racehorse.

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