Within ZED RUN, there are four (4) bloodlines: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney and Buterin. Each bloodline possesses different qualities that affect how a racehorse’s ability is calculated during the birthing (minting) process.
From the outset, bloodline plays the most significant role in contributing to a racehorse’s overall ability rating. The more sought after a bloodline is, the greater the chance of consistent success and performances your racehorse(s) will have on the racetrack.
To preserve the value of bloodlines, rare bloodlines such as the Nakamoto will be more expensive to breed than the more common Finney and Buterin bloodlines.
Bloodlines will contribute 80% to the overall weighting factor when determining the minimum breeding price. Subsequently, each individual bloodline is weighted as follows:
  • Nakamoto: 180%
  • Szabo: 120%
  • Finney: 40%
  • Buterin: 15%
Based on what bloodline your male racehorse embodies will essentially play a major role in setting the minimum breeding price that you can set.
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