Breeding Fees Update

Effective April 8, 2024, UTC, we're implementing a revised breeding fee structure to reduce costs and maximise prize pool distributions.

What’s Changing?

  • We're lowering minimum fees based on breed type (removing differences by bloodline), with Genesis horses having the highest minimum (USD 50) and Pacers the lowest (USD 10). This reflects the perceived value of different breed types.

Breed Fee Minimums by Breed Type


50 USD


40 USD


30 USD


20 USD


15 USD


10 USD

  • Breeding fees will be pegged to USD at the time of stud entry, similar to race events to simplify cost calculations.

  • We're also adjusting how fees are allocated, removing the In-House discount to direct a larger portion towards the Prize Pool Treasury as follows:


  • Virtually Human Studio (VHS): 15%

  • Stud Owner: 25%

  • Prize Pool Treasury: 60% (increased allocation to support future races and events)


  • VHS: 15%

  • Prize Pool Treasury: 85% (increased allocation to support future races and events)

Stud Market Closure

To ensure a smooth transition, the Stud Market will be unavailable from midnight UTC, April 8 until the new system is deployed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do bloodlines not matter anymore?

Bloodlines still matter! While minimum fees are based on breed type (Genesis, Legendary, etc.), bloodlines can still influence a horse's overall value and racing performance.

Why does a Nakamoto cost the same to breed as a Buterin, aren't they supposed to be better?

The new breeding fee structure sets a minimum cost based on the overall breed type (Genesis, Legendary, etc.). This ensures a baseline for breeding within that category.

While both Nakamoto and Buterin fall under the "Genesis" breed with a USD 50 minimum, individual horses within that breed can have varying attributes and racing histories that could command a higher stud fee.

Why are In-House and Out-Of-House still different?

The update focuses on reducing fees and maximising prize pools. In-house breeding still supports your own stable's growth, while out-of-house breeding still compensates the stud owner and contributes more to the overall prize pool for the community.

Will breeding transactions continue to be in WETH or USD?

This update focuses on the breeding fee value being pegged to the USD equivalent at the time of Stud Entry, however, breeding fees will still be collected in WETH.

Why are you removing the in-house breeding discount (previously a 35% reduction on minimum breeding fees)?

Previously, choosing to breed within your stable offered a 35% discount on the breeding fee you set. While this encouraged stable growth, it also meant a smaller overall contribution to the prize pool. This update aims to create a more balanced system with increased prize pool contributions.

Will breed counts be reset?

No, current breed counts will not be affected by this update.

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