All racehorses have Levels which are a calculation of their unique breed type and statistics. Your racehorse will automatically Level Up when it earns the total required XP from races.

Why Level Up?

Levelling Up improves a racehorse's average speed to be more competitive in the class system.

How to Level Up?

Fill the XP bar by entering races to reach the next level.

Earn XP from:

  • Free races

  • Paid races - these will earn more XP than free races

The amount of XP required will also depend on the racehorse's bloodline, e.g. a Nakamoto will require less XP to Level Up while a Buterin will require more XP.

A racehorse's max level is determined by its Evo (a grading system based on the racehorse’s breed type). Learn more about Evo here.

Levels will be revealed for all racehorses at login, however, if your racehorse is Unraced, it must complete one (1) Griffin race to reveal its Level. Learn more about Griffin races here.

Levels FAQ

How does Levelling Up work?

Each class will be using an S curve for XP requirement which defines the rate of how fast a racehorse can Level Up within their class. This means racehorses in lower Levels will be able to progress to the middle of their class faster, while racehorses towards the top of their class will progress slower.

The higher the class, the more the XP is required to Level Up within that class e.g a Class 6 will require less XP to Level Up while a Class 1 will require more XP.

What is a level cap, and how do I find what it is for my racehorse?

A racehorse’s level cap is determined by the top Level of its current class. When a racehorse reaches the top Level in a class, the option to upgrade becomes available. To find the Level range of your current class, hover over your racehorse's class label.

What is a max level and how do I find what it is for my racehorse?

A racehorse’s max level is determined by its Evo. When a racehorse reaches its max level, the racehorse will not be able to earn further XP. You can find the max level by hovering over your racehorses level label.

What is the difference between a level cap and max cap?

The level cap is the highest Level your racehorse can be in its current class, however, you can Level Up to increase it.

The max level is the highest Level your racehorse can reach, and it is determined by its Evo. The higher the Evo the higher your racehorse can Level Up.

E.g. An Evo 3 racehorse in class 6 will reach level caps at Level 100 and 200 before reaching its max Level at 300.

Learn more about Evo here. Learn more about Classes here.

Will my racehorses level ever go down?

No, racehorses will always level upwards, making its average speed progressively better.

How does this impact breeding?

Breeding is directly linked to the Level of a racehorse, taking into account the weighting of its breed type and internal attributes in the calculation of its Level.

Newly bred racehorses’ starting Levels will be determined by the starting Level of their parents and their breed types, which determines their max levels.

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