ZED RUN Skins are separate NFTs that can be attached to your racehorse. They will be visible in 3D racing and other locations across the ZED RUN ecosystem.

Skins can be viewed, bought, and sold on OpenSea in the verified official ZED RUN Skins collection.

As a ZED RUN Skin owner, you will be able to attach and detach the skin to your racehorse whenever you want, and watch them in action.

Skins have long been anticipated as a way to make your racehorse the pride of the ZED RUN tracks, inspiring envy and admiration alike.

Rewarding and recognising scarcity and rarity is something we are ambitious about driving through ZED RUN. Partnerships with brands like The Preakness, Atari, Stella Artois, and NASCAR will build further attributes of value into the ecosystem through exclusive sponsorship events and collectible skins.

See our FAQs for more information about ZED RUN Skins.

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