Importance of Genesis Racehorses
In ZED RUN, Genesis refers to the first-generation breed of racehorses within the ecosystem. There will only ever be 38,000 Genesis racehorses with genotypes from Z1 to Z10.
ZED RUN was built to be accessible not only by our early adopters but also by new stable owners. There are, however, differences between owning a Genesis and a non-Genesis racehorse.
When you own a Genesis racehorse, you have a natural edge against other non-Genesis racehorses.
When you own a non-Genesis racehorse, it can still carry and inherit the ability from its parents to be a top performer, regardless of its breed type.
It is highly probable for you to create and breed a champion racehorse, by identifying superior racehorses to breed with when they appear in the Stud Marketplace.
Take time to study the racehorses in the Stud Farm, and you just may be rewarded with breeding an offspring that becomes a potential race winner.
Last modified 6mo ago
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