Importance of Genesis Racehorses

In ZED RUN, Genesis refers to the first-generation breed of racehorses within the ecosystem. There will only ever be 38,000 Genesis racehorses with genotypes from Z1 to Z10.

ZED RUN was built to be accessible not only by our early adopters but also by new stable owners. There are, however, differences between owning a Genesis and a non-Genesis racehorse.

Genesis racehorses will not be subject to Breeding Decay, so they will always remain a tentpole to the ZED RUN ecosystem. Additional rewards and incentives may be introduced for holders of Genesis racehorses in the future.

Genesis racehorses are the only Breed Types that can create a Legendary racehorse.

Players of all levels can work toward breeding a champion racehorse by identifying good breeding partners in the Stud Marketplace.

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