Transfers using Hyphen Bridge

What is Hyphen Bridge?

Biconomy’s integrated in-game bridge, Hyphen, is a transfer method that offers easy and quick transfers between different blockchains.

We have been beta testing it under the title ‘Fast Transfer Method’ in the ZED RUN Wallet. Previously, we were using the Polygon Bridge, however Hyphen is now becoming the default bridging option and we will be removing the Polygon Bridge option.

Why do we use the Hyphen Bridge?

  • Faster transactions

  • Lower transaction fees

  • No need to claim when transferring between Polygon and Ethereum networks

Preparing for the transition to Hyphen Bridge

Once the transition occurs, all new in-game transfers will use the Hyphen Fast Transfer Method by default. If you have any pending Polygon Bridge transactions that have not been settled, please do so now. It will be more complicated to settle pending transactions after the changes go live. For the easiest transition, we advise users to stop using Polygon Bridge as of this message, and instead use the Hyphen ‘Fast Transfer Method’, which can be toggled on in the ZED RUN Wallet.

How to settle Polygon Bridge transactions before the transition

1. Before the transition, all pending Polygon Bridge transactions should appear as 'In Process' or 'Claim' within the 'Transfers' section of the ZED RUN Wallet. They will show under ‘Recent Transfers’, when 'Use fast transfers' is toggled OFF. The image below shows a $327.22 USD bridge from Polygon to Ethereum – In Process.

Note: Polygon Bridge takes anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours to process. You will not be able to claim until the transaction is process and appears in the 'claim' state as shown below.

2. Clicking 'Claim' will launch a signing request from MetaMask. Click 'Confirm' to process the transaction.

Note: Depending on the direction, you may need to pay a gas fee.

In this example, moving from Polygon to Ethereum, and using MetaMask, ETH is required in order to process the transfer. This can usually cost anywhere between $30 and $100 USD depending on transaction load at the time. If there is insufficient ETH in the receiving wallet to pay for gas, the transaction will fail.

What if I don't settle my Polygon Bridge transactions in time?

You will still be able to settle your Polygon Bridge transactions after the transition. However, it will require more steps and be a little more complicated. Instructions for settling Polygon Bridge transactions post-transition will be posted before the transition occurs.

Before the transition occurs, we will post instructions for magic link stable owners.

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