What is breeding in ZED RUN?

Just like the real world, you can breed two (2) racehorses together and produce new offspring.

How do I receive my new foal?

Follow the steps outlined in How to Breed Your Racehorse(s).

I can't see my new foal (racehorse). Where is it?

Blockchain verifications take time, but if you haven't received your foal after two (2) hours, please submit a support ticket here or reach out to a team member on Discord.

What is a colt, stallion, filly or mare?

Colt: Unbred male racehorse

Stallion: Male racehorse with offspring

Filly: Unbred female racehorse

Mare: Female racehorse with offspring

I own a female racehorse. After breeding, do I get to keep the offspring?

Yes, you will receive the offspring in your stable. The current owner of the colt or the stallion will keep the stud fee.

How many times can I breed my racehorse?

Breeding limits define how many times a male and a female racehorse can breed in total, per month and per year:


Limit Per Month

Limit Per Year

Male (colts and stallions)



Female (fillies and mares)



Note: Racehorses begin to lose their breeding ability after a certain number of foals produced depending on Breed Type. To learn more, read this section on Breeding Decay.

How should I set my breeding price?

As a male racehorse owner, you can determine the breeding price you want to charge.

ZED RUN suggests a Minimum Breeding Price by Bloodline and Breed Type to help guide you when placing a racehorse in the Stud Farm.

Does breeding require paying gas?

No, breeding is done through gasless signatures to avoid transaction fees for the user.

How do I breed within my own stable of racehorses?

  1. Visit your stable page

  2. Click on male racehorse and select Breed

  3. Choose pricing (minimum pricing recommended) & duration

  4. Visit the Stud Farm here

  5. Search to find your male racehorse and click to expand

  6. Click Select Mate and choose your female racehorse

  7. Click Pay Stud Fee and confirm

Note: You’ll receive a 35% discount on the stud fee for breeding within your own stable.

What offspring gender will I create?

The gender of each new offspring that is born will be generated in a way to keep the distribution of males and females balanced

What is a SUPER BREED?

Super Breeds are highly specialised racehorses with a high breed type and starting level. To learn more, visit here.

What is a Super Coat?

A Super Coat is where the offspring is born with the same coat colour as both its mother and father. To learn more visit here.

Can I reproduce a Genesis racehorse?

No. Genesis racehorses cannot be reproduced. Genesis racehorses are first-generation racehorses and there will only ever be 38,000 of the Genesis breed in the ZED ecosystem.

Are there limits to which family members can/cannot breed together? For example, if can two racehorses who are siblings, breed together?

You cannot breed with your brother, sister, parents, or grandparents.

When can I take my racehorse out of the Stud Farm?

Once your racehorse is in the Stud Farm, it cannot be taken out until the breeding period (1, 3, or 7 days) you have chosen is complete.

Can I breed with my new offspring?

A newborn racehorse cannot breed until 28 days after it was born.

Where can I find my racehorse's birthday details?

  1. Visit your stable page (top right-hand corner)

  2. Click on your racehorse

  3. You’ll find the breeding transaction details along with date/time here

Can I race my new offspring?

Absolutely! Once your offspring is created, all you need to do is name it and then you can enter it in its first race. To learn more, read about Racing Classes.

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