Contract Migration

From February 17th (UTC) we will be requiring all ZED RUN stable owners to complete contract upgrades for all of their racehorses in order to continue using and seeing all the benefits of the features that we have coming in the future.

What is the contract upgrade?

We are asking that all ZED RUN stable owners complete an NFT contract upgrade for each of their racehorses. This contract upgrade is necessary in order to continue using all of the functionality of ZED RUN, including racing and breeding.

The upgrade simply allows us to offer additional functionality and will not impact their performance of your racehorses in any way.

Why do I have to upgrade?

The contract upgrade is a necessary part of our continued improvements and will allow us to offer additional functionality and features within ZED RUN.

The shortest-term functionality that requires this upgrade is skins and the ability to bundle a skin with a racehorse, as well as utilise the full functionality of skins across ZED RUN.

How do I upgrade?

Once we begin to roll out the contract upgrade, please follow these steps to complete the process for all of your racehorses:

  • Head to the ‘My Stable’ section of the site and you will see a banner prompting you to upgrade your contract (see screenshot below). This banner will tell you how many of your racehorses need upgrading, which to start with will be all of them.

  • Clicking ‘Start Upgrade’ will trigger a MetaMask signature request if you have MetaMask connected. You will be prompted to sign for every 10 racehorses you own. Magic email wallet users simply have to start the upgrade.

  • Once you have approved the upgrade for a batch, you will see the screen below. This means your upgrade is in progress. While you wait for this process to complete, you can still navigate around and away from the ZED RUN site if you wish.

  • Once the batch upgrade is complete, you will see one of two screens (see below). If you still have racehorses that need upgrading through further batches, you will see a ‘Continue Upgrade’ button, as well as the number of racehorses that still need upgrading. If this is the case, please continue repeating the process until all of your racehorses have been upgraded. Once you have upgraded all of your racehorses, you will see the ‘Upgrade Complete’ screen, meaning the process is fully complete.


Here are answers to some anticipated questions you may have:

Is the upgrade free?

Yes, the contract upgrades are free to complete.

How long will the upgrade take?

Each batch upgrade should take around 4-5 minutes, though times may vary, so the more racehorses you have the longer the overall upgrade process will take. You can continue to race and breed racehorses that have been upgraded however.

Will this affect the ability of my racehorses?

No, the contract upgrades will not affect the ability of any of your racehorses.

What happens if I don’t complete the contract upgrade?

If you don’t complete the contract upgrade for one or more of your racehorses, those racehorses will be unable to race or breed on the ZED RUN platform, so we strongly urge you to complete the contract upgrades.

Do I have to sign a MetaMask transaction for every batch upgrade?

Yes, if your stable was created using MetaMask you will have to sign a transaction for each batch of racehorse upgrades.

How many racehorses will be upgraded in each batch?

The specific number of racehorses in each batch will vary.

Can a batch upgrade fail? If yes, would this impact a single horse or the batch of horses?

A batch upgrade can fail due in a few circumstances. If one did fail it would impact all horses involved in the batch, so you would need to try the upgrade again.

What if my racehorse is in a race when I try to upgrade it?

If your racehorse is in a race, paid or free, when you try to upgrade it, the upgrade won't go through, so you will have to upgrade that racehorse once the race ends.

What if my racehorse is in the stud farm when I try to upgrade it?

We will be removing all racehorses from the stud farm for this upgrade process. Racehorses will not be able to enter the stud farm until they have been upgraded.

Can I upgrade an unnamed racehorse?

Yes, you do not have to name a racehorse before upgrading it.

What order will my racehorses be upgraded in?

Your racehorses will be upgraded in chronological order, starting with the newest.

How will this impact racehorses listings on OpenSea?

Your racehorses will need to be re-listed on OpenSea after the upgrade completes.

Will the contract upgrade change the token contract address?

Yes, the token address will change.

Will this contract upgrade 3rd party tools?

Yes, 3rd party tools may be interrupted for a while after the contract upgrade.

How will this impact my listing in ZED RUN's OpenSea collection?

All new, upgraded racehorse contracts (your racehorses) will appear in the ‘ZED RUN’ collection. This collection will continue to populate as each stable upgrades all of the racehorses to the new, upgraded contracts.

What is the ZED RUN Legacy collection in OpenSea?

Racehorses which have not yet been upgraded will appear in the ‘ZED RUN Legacy’ collection on OpenSea. These racehorses will not be able to race or breed, until they are upgraded.

What happens if I don't upgrade my racehorse contract(s)?

Racehorses which have not been upgraded to the new contracts will not be able to race or breed.

Why should I upgrade my racehorse contract(s)?

All upgraded racehorse contracts will enable those racehorses to race, breed, and utilise Skins in 3D (if applicable). More details to come regarding the ability to use Skins in 3D.

What happens if my contract upgrade isn't working?

There may be some delay due to the number of contracts being upgraded. Try signing out to refresh the page, then sign back in. If it is still not working, please contact Customer Support by logging a ticket through the Help widget on the home page.

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