Minimum Breeding Prices

We set boundaries around the breeding economy to ensure that the racehorses you have previously purchased are not devalued as the ecosystem grows.

Similar to traditional horse racing, it is natural that racehorses will fetch different prices with some being high, and others being lower. The performance and attributes of these horses will also vary, and may reflect in their racing performance. Therefore, to ensure accessibility to the game and maintaining racehorse value, we have introduced a minimum breeding price.

If ZED RUN was to remove the minimum breeding price, breeding would occur more frequently at a lower price, therefore devaluing the current stock of racehorses.

We have carefully developed the minimum breeding price to reflect the elements of the game and possible outcomes. We do however reserve the right to adjust these calculations in the future to ensure that the principles behind the game are upheld and also in the event of major fluctuations in the price of ETH.

It is crucial to note that the minimum breeding price will always be determined based off the male racehorse. Minimum breeding prices are only a guide and male racehorse owners can set the price as high as they wish after factoring in coat colour, ancestral traits and past performance.

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