Buying or Selling a Racehorse

All ZED RUN racehorses are viewable on Opensea, a trusted secondary marketplace for buying and selling racehorses.

How to Buy a Racehorse on OpenSea (

When making a purchase or sale on OpenSea, always ensure you are using the official and verified ZED RUN contract. You can identify the correct contract by the blue tick as shown in the image below:

A few things to note:

  • Avoid purchasing fake ZED RUN racehorses by ensuring you are only purchasing from the official and verified contract noted above.

  • All ZED RUN racehorses are owned by stable owners and viewable on OpenSea.

  • Racehorses listed by stable owners and marked as "Buy Now" allow you to purchase them instantly.

  • Other racehorses listed by stable owners may only be available for negotiated offers.

  • OpenSea charges a fee of 2.5% (which may vary).

  • ZED RUN takes 2.5% of any trade in OpenSea.

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