Buying or Selling

How do I purchase a ZED RUN racehorse?

Purchasing ZED RUN racehorses is done exclusively outside of the ZED RUN platform. Third party markets such as OpenSea and Hawku are the safest purchasing paths.

Help! How do I know if I'm buying a fake ZED RUN racehorse?

Only purchase from the official and verified ZED RUN contract on OpenSea. This is the only method we recommend for buying or selling your ZED RUN racehorses to avoid purchasing fake ZED RUN racehorses. You can identify the correct contract by the blue tick as shown in the image below:

How long does it take for a racehorse that I bought (or bred) to appear in my account?

It may take anywhere between five (5) minutes to two (2) hours for the racehorse to appear in your wallet. You will be given a transaction ID which means you can check the status of your transaction at any time via Etherscan.
Transactions on the blockchain can take a few minutes to process and then it can take a few more minutes for our website to sync with the blockchain. But please do not stress! Transactions marked as successful means your racehorse belongs to you and it will appear.

I've traded with another stable owner through Discord, but they have not upheld their side of the trade. What do I do?

Trading through Discord is done at your own risk. Also, please note that ZED RUN team members (VHS employees) will never middleman/escrow transactions. The team recommends settling any trades ONLY on OpenSea for all ZED RUN NFTs.
Last modified 1yr ago