Tournaments are an exciting part of the ZED RUN racing landscape. Accessible to all and offering big prize pools, tournaments provide another way to prove your racehorse is a champion.


Tournaments bring a lot of benefits to ZED RUN, including:

• Better gameplay experience through more strategic race selection

• Accessibility for more stable owners

• Value and engagement through productions in the future

• Large prize pools

Class Based Tournaments

Tournaments in ZED RUN occur within each class. Each day, participants have the opportunity to accumulate points to qualify for tournaments based on scoring formats and entry criteria. The prize pool allocation increases as competition and class increase.

How do I know which tournament is live?

We will always announce tournaments before they begin on Discord, our other social channels, and on the zed.run site itself. You can also consult the leaderboards to see which tournament is currently live.


Tournaments use a Qualifying Leaderboard on the zed.run site so you can keep track of your racehorses' performances and check whether or not they have qualified.

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