Do skins impact my racehorse's performance?

No, ZED RUN Skins do not impact the performance of a racehorse.

Why is my skin not showing up on my racehorse?

It may take several minutes for the skin to preview on your racehorse when applying the skin to it.

Can I navigate away from the skin application screen?

Yes, while a skin is being applied, you can browse throughout the site and come back to check the status.

How does selling skins and racehorses work?

When applying or removing a skin from your racehorse, there is a one day limit before you can transfer that racehorse. OpenSea will revert the transaction if you attempt to transfer the racehorse during that period. This is to help avoid any issues.

Why can't I sell my skin?

You cannot sell a skin on its own within a one day period from the time of applying or removing from a racehorse.

Why can't I sell my racehorse?

You cannot sell a racehorse on its own within a one day period from the time of applying or removing a skin.

What steps will I need to take to apply a skin?

Any time you are applying a skin to a racehorse that does not have a skin currently applied, you will be required to sign on MetaMask.

Why is MetaMask asking me to sign twice?

When you apply a new or different skin to a racehorse which already has a skin applied, you will need to sign twice: first, to remove the current skin and second, to apply the new skin.

Where can I purchase ZED RUN Skins?

Skins can be viewed, bought, and sold on OpenSea in the verified official ZED RUN Skins collection.

What can I do with a ZED RUN Skin?

If you own a ZED RUN Skin, you can apply the skin to your ZED RUN racehorse, and view it in 3D racing events, and elsewhere throughout the platform. There may be additional, continual utility for ZED RUN Skin owners.

What does the lock icon mean?

The lock icon means the skin is currently applied to another one of your racehorses.

What does the timer icon mean?

The timer icon means there is a skin currently being applied to the racehorse, which can take up to 10 minutes.

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