ZED RUN Tournament Seasons

What are Tournament Seasons?

The newest iteration of the ZED RUN tournament landscape, a season is a 24-day schedule of tournaments. Each tournament has its own prize pool but also serves as the way to qualify for the end-of-season Grand Finals event. Each season starts with a Maiden tournament and progresses across six Heats catering to horses with <100 races and <250 races through the schedule.

Season Schedule

  • Each season lasts 24 days

  • The season starts with a 3-day Maiden tournament

  • The Maiden is followed by six 3-day Heats

  • After the final Heat ends, Wildcard and Grand Final Qualifier rounds begin

  • The Grand Finals run on the last day of the season


  • Each Heat starts at 12 am UTC and lasts for three days

  • Heats act as qualifying tournaments with finals rounds, and their own prize pools

Wildcards and Byes

  • Horses from each Heat can earn Wildcard or Grand Final Qualifier spots

  • The selection process is based on performance and other factors outlined at the start of each season

  • Top performers in each Heat, as well as horses who meet pre-specified criteria such as fastest times in the Heats can earn a bye, meaning they are guaranteed a spot in the first round of Grand Finals Qualifiers

  • Each season Wildcard spots will be chosen by pre-specified criteria from all horses on each Heat leaderboard that did not earn a guaranteed spot into the Grand Finals Qualifiers

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