Coat Colour Groups
Classifications of the different groups allow each player to identify a racehorse's coat colour uniqueness. The table below classifies colours into Coat Colour Groups and Rarity Tiers.
Blue “Neptune” — these horses are strong but calm, with a patient temperament. They are well-balanced, highly intelligent, gentle, docile, and eager to please.
Brown “Earth” — these horses love to run and possess great stamina and a desire to please their riders. They are sensitive to the handler's mood and are gentle, fast learners and hard-working. Despite being easy-going and curious, they can be easily spooked.
Green “Wild” — these tough, independent, hardy, sure-footed racehorses take a little more time to learn. They are emotionally perceptive and tend to overreact when something upsets or frightens them. Their brave and gritty nature makes them great over long distances.
Within each coat colour group there is a three (3) tier rarity scale from common, rare, and very rare.
Greyscale “Moon” — an intelligent and hard-working disposition, makes the compact versatile horses popular. A perfect balance between an attentive disposition and a healthy level of spirit.
Red/Orange “Fiery” — this spirited, bold, and quick learning horse, possesses agility and speed from its thin-skinned, slim, and long-legged physique.
Tan/Yellow “Classic” — this racehorse is quiet, conscientious and level-headed. Its passion and courage, together with its consistent energy levels, make it perfect as a stayer.
Purple/Pink “Mystical” — this spirited horse is highly intelligent and reads race situations well. It is energetic, versatile, and is suitable for races of all conditions.
NOTE: Coat colour rarity is defined as the intended number of Nakamoto Z1 Genesis racehorses that have that particular coat colour.
To remove any doubt, we refer to a colour group as all colour types within a group. We will also refer to coat colour boxes, which is simply the coat colours within a group of a rarity tier. For example, if we take the Moon Colour Group, the coat colour boxes would be as follows:
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