Hardware Wallets

Hardware wallets we support

We currently only support Ledger. We are looking into supporting Trezor as our next priority and hope to make that option available soon.

Connecting your hardware wallet

  1. Connect your hardware wallet in MetaMask (follow the link to a full guide below)

  2. Select Ledger as your hardware wallet of choice (Trezor is not currently supported)

  3. Select an account you wish to connect

  4. Select the account with the 'hardware' label and start using your hardware wallet

For more information on connecting your hardware wallet in MetaMask, visit this guide.

The benefits of hardware wallets

• Increased security thanks to tools like pin encryption

• Less risk of being affected by hacks that aim to expose your private keys or seed phrase

• Effective immunity to computer viruses

• Transaction verifications occur through your hardware wallet and not online

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