Recovery Rate

Racehorses have a recovery rate that determines how long it takes for a racehorse to regenerate a single stamina point.

As a racehorse races, it will decay into further recovery rate tiers that slow down the time it takes to recover a stamina point.

The number of races required to decay into further recovery rate tiers is outlined below.

Stamina Recovery Time is the number of hours it takes for a racehorse to recover a single stamina point. All racehorses begin at Recovery Rate Tier 1.

Learn more about stamina here.

Recovery Rate TierRaces to Next TierStamina Recovery Time (hrs)

1 (racehorses begin here)


















‘Races to Next Tier’ and ‘Stamina Recovery Time’ by each tier may be adjusted in the future to balance the overall ZED RUN economy.

In ZED RUN, Recovery Rate 1 is the fastest rate for Stamina recovery time.

To check your racehorse's recovery rate, simply view your racehorse page to find its current tier, time to recover a single stamina point and number of races before decaying into the next tier.

Recovery Rate FAQ

Does recovery rate affect my racehorse's performance or breeding ability?

No, recovery rate only determines how long it takes for a racehorse's stamina to recover, it does not affect its racing performance or breeding ability.

Is recovery rate different by Breed or Bloodlines?

No, recovery rate races to the next tier and stamina recovery time is the same across both Breed and Bloodlines.

Do Tournament races count towards my ‘Races to Next Tier’?

No, only stamina-consuming events will count towards ‘Races to Next Tier’ for recovery rate decay.

What happens when my racehorse recovery rate decays while it’s recovering stamina?

  • Your racehorse recovery rate will only update to the new recovery rate after it completes its current recovery of 1 stamina i.e. the next stamina to recover will be based on the new recovery rate tier.

Why is my racehorse XP showing a greater value than before?

  • With the release of recovery rate, the amount of XP required to Level Up has been reduced. Some racehorses will have an XP amount greater than the amount now required to progress past their current level, they will simply need to race one time to Level Up to the next Level or receive the option to class up if at max Level and max XP per class.

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