Class System

All Racehorses are grouped by similar statistics and Levels rather than their racing history. This means racehorses are paired in more fair and competitive races. For example, racehorses with higher breed types and Levels will be in a higher class than those with lower.

When a racehorse has earned enough XP and reached its level cap, the option to upgrade classes will be available.

However, when a racehorse has reached the max level, the racehorse will have reached its peak statistics.

An Unraced racehorse must complete one (1) Griffin race to reveal its Class. Learn more about Griffin Races here.

Class System FAQ

Why should I class up?

Racehorses can stay in their class and remain competitive or with a high enough level can upgrade into a higher class. With future updates, racehorses will be able to earn better and more reward types for being in higher classes.

Why is this new class system better than the last?

Players will no longer be able to exploit the system by deliberately downclassing, and racing in races where they should not be.

Poor performing racehorses will now be able to progress in the game to increase their overall potential value, de-risking trading (especially for new players) and breeding outcomes.

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