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What are XP NFTs?

XP NFTs are boosts that can be applied to increase the amount of XP earned by a racehorse in each race.

With the introduction of XP NFTs, 75% of the XP earned will go to your horse, and 25% to the stable (the person who raced the horse).

Stable XP cannot be directly applied to individual horses in your stable, but you can accumulate your stable XP and mint it into an XP NFT (XP Boost) by paying a fee using ZED Tokens.

Once you have an XP NFT in your possession, you can apply it to any horse within your stable. Multiple XP NFTs can be accumulated and if you decide not to use your XP NFTs, you also have the option to sell or transfer to other stable owners, allowing for trading and collaboration within the ZED RUN community.


  • XP NFTs are mintable, tradeable and able to be applied to any racehorse.

  • For each race, a percentage (currently 25%) of all XP earned is allocated to the racer of the racehorses’ Stable XP.

  • Stable owners can take this Stable XP and convert it to XP NFTs through the minting process.

  • When minting, the conversion rate is 1,000 Stable XP to 1 XP NFT. There are no limitations on the number of XP NFTs you can mint as long as you have enough stable XP.

  • When an XP NFT is applied to a racehorse, it will earn an additional 2x Racehorse XP for each race (for a total of 3x XP per race up to 1,000 XP per XP NFT).

  • A racehorse can have up to 50 XP NFTs attached at any time unless fewer are needed to reach the maximum level, then only the necessary amount required to max out can be applied.

  • XP NFTs will have a set minting price of $0.50 USD in ZED TOKEN.


What is an XP Boost?

An XP Boost is the name given to XP NFTs in the game.

How do I mint an XP NFT?

You can see your total stable XP in the wallet section, alongside your WETH and ZED Token balances - simply click ‘XP’ to view. From here, and once you have sufficient stable XP and ZED Tokens, you can craft your XP NFTs.

Click the ‘Craft’ button, select how many boosts you would like to craft, and then click the ‘Craft XP Boost’ button. The crafting process can take up to a minute to complete.

How does XP split for borrowed horses?

75% of the XP earned will go to the horse, and 25% will go to the borrower who enters the horse into the race. The original owner of the horse does not earn stable XP from a borrowed horse.

How do I sell an XP NFT?

You can list XP NFTs for sale on Hawku and OpenSea, a secondary marketplace for NFTs. There is a 5% fee on secondary sales transactions.

Can I apply an XP NFT to any of my horses?

Yes, XP NFTs can be applied to any horse in your stable if not maxed or capped, regardless of whether they earned the XP or not.

Can I mint and sell XP NFTs with my email wallet?

Yes, you can mint XP NFTs directly on ZED RUN and then sell them on Hawku and OpenSea using WalletConnect.

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