Racing Event Time-Outs

Sometimes racing events can take a long time to fill. To prevent racehorses being 'trapped' in these races for long periods of time, we have a time-out feature for all racing events.

Racing events all have a predetermined countdown, which is relative to the specifications of a given schedule. If that countdown reaches 0 seconds, the race is cancelled and entry fees are returned to the wallets of those stable owners who had entered the race.

Each time a stable owner enters a racehorse into a race, the countdown is extended, to ensure that each racing event has a realistic chance to fill. This countdown extension only applies once over half of the gates for the race are filled.

The 'base' countdown for a specific racing event is determined by a dynamic formula based on the previous seven days and the average time taken to fill races of that type.

The countdown extension is calculated by dividing the 'base' countdown by the number of gates. For example, if the 'base' countdown is 60 minutes and the racing event has 12 gates, then the extension time would be five minutes.

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