Super Breeds

A Super Breed is a ‘highly specialised’ racehorse. It has a higher starting level than a normal breed, with an improved breed type, and varying extremes of distance preference or stability.

What does ‘Super Breed’ mean?

A Super Breed will on average have a higher starting level for its breed type and will always be one breed type higher than expected (except in the case of a Legendary Super Breed bred from two Genesis parents). This is with the exception of Legendaries, as Genesis are the rarest breed and cannot be reproduced. Reference shown below.

Additionally, either the inherited distance preference or stability of the Super Breed will be of a more extreme nature than it would be as a normal breed.

How to get a Super Breed

All racehorse breed types have the ability to produce a Super Breed, however, breeding specifically between two Genesis racehorses will increase its ability to produce a Super Breed.

On the other hand, if either racehorse is in breeding decay, then the racehorses cannot produce a Super Breed at all.

The ability to produce a Super Breed is represented by a Super Breed indicator as shown below, this appears only after selecting your racehorse when breeding with another.


Will other users know my racehorse is a Super Breed?

An unnamed Super Breed will always have an indication that it is a Super Breed on the stable and racehorse profile page. After naming your racehorse, Super Breed information will live in the metadata with your racehorse NFT which can also be viewed in OpenSea.

What happens when a Super Breed breeds with another racehorse?

When breeding, Super Breeds are considered as normal bred racehorses.

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