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Level and Breeding Basics

Discovering where your racehorse will race best is an ever changing process, so we’ve broken down some basics to help you navigate it.

How Level is Assigned

  • New foals are born with a unique combination of Distance Preference and Stability inherited from their ancestry
  • Distance Preference and Stability do not change as a racehorse levels up
  • Base Ability increases incrementally as you Level Up, increasing your average speed

How Level Works in Breeding

Within each Level, a racehorse can only hold a certain amount of Base Ability, this is determined by its Distance Preference and Stability Level.
  • The starting Level of a foal is only impacted by Breed Type and parent starting level
  • Starting Base Ability is then assigned based on starting level and inherited Distance Preference and Stability Level
  • At maximum level per racehorse, the more extreme the Distance Preference and/or the less Stability, the less Base Ability the racehorses can hold