By entering a tournament, you agree to us using images of your horse and referring to your stable in all marketing communications relevant to the tournament.

We may change the times and date of tournament races. We will publish any changes to the race schedule on this website.

How do I qualify?

For information on how to qualify for a tournament, please see the specific tournament pages.

How do I know if my racehorse(s) have qualified?

The leaderboard will stay public until the tournament has finished, so you can check in any time to see if you have qualified.

Sprinters will run races at 1200m, Middle Distance Runners at 1800m and Marathon Runners at 2400m. If the tournament has Grand Finals however, the racehorses will run six races across a variety of distances to decide the winner of the tournament.

Will there be leaderboards for tournaments?

Yes, a tournament leaderboard will be added to the ZED RUN platform, allowing you to keep track of your racehorses' performance. A tournaments toggle will also be added to the Next To Run and Results pages, which will allow users to view purely tournament events.

What if I don't want to enter the tournament? Can I still race?

You can still race while tournaments are live but please be aware that if your racehorse qualifies for the finals of the tournament it will be automatically entered into the tournament finals races.

Why are free racing prize pools being removed?

We're removing free racing prize pools to put those pools towards a bigger pool for the tournaments. If you want to run your racehorse in free races you still can and you'll have an opportunity to qualify for the tournament.

What happens if my racehorse doesn't qualify for the finals?

Qualifying for the next tournament starts as soon as the qualifying period for the previous tournament ends, so if you don't qualify for the finals you can start trying to qualify for the next one.

What happens if my racehorse qualifies for the finals?

If your racehorse qualifies, it will be automatically be entered into the Quarter Finals. Your racehorse will continue to be automatically entered into further finals races unless it fails to qualify.

If my racehorse qualifies for the finals, can I still begin qualification for the next tournament?

Yes, can enter races that will count towards qualification for the next tournament.

If my racehorse qualifies for the tournament finals but is in the stud farm when the tournament finals start, can it still race in the finals?

Yes, your racehorse can be in the stud farm and still race in the tournament finals.

If my racehorse sells during the tournament, who gets any prize money it earns?

If your racehorse sells during the tournament, the new owner will get any prize money it earns.

Will the tournament finals events affect my racehorse's Elo rating?

No, races run in the Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Finals or Grand Final will not affect a racehorse's Elo rating.

When will I get paid my Grand Finals winnings?

We aim to payout Grand Finals winnings, if applicable, within 24 hours of the tournament ending. The payouts for all other rounds of the tournaments happen automatically.

How does stamina work during tournaments?

During the qualifying periods, stamina works as normal. However, stamina is not taken into account for the finals events, including Quarter Finals, Semi Finals, Finals and Grand Finals. Please note, racehorses can still earn tournament qualification points while below 80% stamina.

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