Prohibited Behaviour

Prohibited Behaviours apply to users of the ZED RUN platform. All stables owned or controlled by a user, all racehorses owned or controlled by a user (including borrowed racehorses) and all IP addresses used by a user are subject to Prohibited Behaviours rules and restrictions.

1. Number of entries per race

a) Paid races: A user may only participate in a race by entering racehorses UP TO the amount of winning places. Entering more racehorses in a race than the number of winning places is prohibited.
b) Free to enter races: A user may only participate in a free to enter race by entering one racehorse. Entering more than one racehorse in free to enter races is prohibited.

2. Stamina Threshold

A user may only enter one racehorse in each race with stamina less than 70%. Entering more than one sub 70 % stamina racehorse in a race is prohibited.