What is a Daily Tournament?

Daily Tournament Schedule

Check out our Twitter and Discord channels to see the daily tournament schedule each week. For the individual tournament formats and rules, please see the relevant tournament section in this guide.

How to Enter a Daily Tournament

Timings Schedule (all times are in UTC)

Qualifying for each daily tournament begins as soon as the qualifying period for the previous one ends. Tournament finals will commence immediately following the completion of the qualifying period, starting at 12:50am UTC.

EventStart TimeEnd Time


12:00 AM

12:00 AM (the following day)

Quarter Finals B (Sprinters)

0:50 AM

Quarter Finals A (Sprinters)

0:50 AM

Quarter Finals B (Mid-Runners)

1:10 AM

Quarter Finals A (Mid-Runners)

1:10 AM

Quarter Finals B (Marathoners)

1:30 AM

Quarter Finals A (Marathoners)

1:30 AM

Semi Finals B (Sprinters)

1:50 AM

Semi Finals A (Sprinters)

1:50 AM

Semi Finals B (Mid-Runners)

2:05 AM

Semi Finals A (Mid-Runners)

2:05 AM

Semi Finals B (Marathoners)

2:20 AM

Semi Finals A (Marathoners)

2:20 AM

Finals B (Sprinters)

2:40 AM

Finals A (Sprinters)

2:50 AM

Finals B (Mid-Runners)

3:00 AM

Finals A (Mid-Runners)

3:10 AM

Finals B (Marathoners)

3:20 AM

Finals A (Marathoners)

3:30 AM

Prize Pools

Each Friday, a snapshot of the total balance in the prize pool Treasury is taken. The total availability will then be divided over 180 days. The upcoming week’s prize pools (Monday - Sunday) will then be fixed based on the Treasury snapshot and communicated to the community.

To see the upcoming prize pools for daily tournaments, make sure you have joined our Discord server and keep an eye on the announcements channel.

For paid-only tournaments, only paid races count towards qualification. Top six payout races do count towards qualification. These paid-only tournaments can feature up to both an A and B bracket.

Insufficient Qualifiers

If any given tournament distance funnel receives less than the required number of horses to run, that individual event will be canceled.


Will stamina be affected?

No, stamina will not be affected. Racehorses who are successful in making it to the tournament finals will have stamina regenerated to 100%. Stamina depletion will be retroactively applied following tournament finals race completion.

Can I race my racehorse throughout the waiting period before the finals begin?

Yes, both paid and free races will not be affected and players are encouraged to continue racing. This includes participating in activities required to qualify for the following days tournament.

Can I breed my racehorse while it is waiting to compete in a Tournament Finals?

Yes, you can breed your horse while waiting to compete in the Tournament Finals

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