Changing Wallets

If you have both MetaMask and Coinbase browser extensions, you may find that if you start using your Coinbase Wallet to access ZED RUN, you can’t access your MetaMask account again afterwards. This is because it defaults back to the Coinbase Wallet.

We strongly encourage picking one wallet provider to use if you are using a web browser, as flipping between more than one can be frustrating and longwinded. Here are a couple of options to help:

Toggle browser extensions on and off

Click the puzzle piece icon in the browser bar to access browser extensions, and then click 'manage extensions.'

From here you can toggle individual extensions on and off. Toggle off the one you want to temporarily disable.

A more permanent solution

Assuming you have selected your Coinbase Wallet as shown below, all future attempts will default to Coinbase.

In order to start using MetaMask again, you'll need to go into Coinbase Wallet settings and disconnect it from ZED RUN. To do this, head to Settings > Add & manage wallets > Select connected wallet > Dapp connections > triple dots beside ZED RUN > disconnect.

Once this has been disconnected, when MetaMask is selected again, the popup allowing you to choose which method to connect with will appear. Select MetaMask.

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