Community Culture

ZED RUN is empowered by its 40,000+ strong community from around the world, driving a creative and collaborative culture. Everyday, community participants are finding joy in the digital racehorse ownership and the discovery of friendly competition across futuristic racetracks, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Subsequently, ZED RUN community's innovative edge and expansive reach has attracted the attention of thousands, including mentions in The New York Times.
Deeper than hype, the passion of ZED RUN's community is evident in everything from live event streaming and Twitter talks to creative tools, unique brands, and yes - even a Digital Derby.
In 2022, a new initiative for Community Creators will be set in motion to enable growth and foster the unique skills and talents across the community. Developing original content will continue to spark new streams of engagement sparking curiosity and fuelling entertainment.
Below you will find several of ZED RUN's most influential creators in NFT space.