Top Six Payout Races

Many paid races on the ZED RUN site offer a top six payout structure. This means all of the top six racehorses receive a share of the prize money.

The distribution of the prize money is weighted towards finishing position, so the racehorse that finishes first receives more than the racehorse that finishes second, and so on.

The following entry fee paid races offer top six payouts across all racing classes. These races will be highlighted on the site with a ‘Top 6’ label, as shown above.

  • $2.50 races

  • $10 races

  • $50 races

  • $500 races


Will this be for single paid races only?

Yes, only single paid races offer the top six payout.

Are tournaments impacted?

Tournaments are not impacted, and for paid-only tournaments these races will still count towards qualification.

What is the reward structure for the top six places?

Rewards will be weighted towards the higher placings from one to six.

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