What is ZED RUN?

ZED RUN is a futuristic horse racing game built on the blockchain allowing users to own, trade, breed, and race 24/7.

Thousands of stable owners participate in more than 3,000 live, user-generated races which are broadcast to millions via streaming services. Globally, ZED RUN is one of the leading NFT games built on Polygon, launched by Australian entertainment-first start-up, Virtually Human Studio (VHS).


ZED RUN started in early 2018 after Chris Laurent (Co-Founder of VHS) came across a poster for a real-life stallion in the stud for $15,000. He had recently moved into a district known for breeding some of Australia’s very best racehorses, The Hunter Valley. Elite stables such as Coolmore, Godolphin and Arrow Field were just minutes down the Golden Highway.

He didn’t know that at the time, and so thought it odd seeing a poster selling the servicing of a former racehorse on the wall of a takeout restaurant. He soon after connected the dots to NFTs and ZED RUN was born.

Watch the video below where CNBC highlights ZED RUN's rise to prominence in the NFT metaverse.

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