Step 4: Breeding with a male racehorse(s)

Go to the homepage of ZED RUN. Select Breeding on the top bar of the homepage. Once you have clicked in Breeding, you will then find yourself in Stud Service where all available racehorses for Breeding are on display. It also displays the time left in Stud, the racehorse owner, and the Stud Fee.

Once you have spotted the racehorse that interests you, select it and it will display even more information such as; Bloodline, Genotype, Gender, Coat and its Career/Win Rate. Press Select Mate when you are ready to Breed.

Now it's time to select the female racehorse you would like to Breed by pressing Select Female.

This will take you to a pop-up modal that will display all the eligible racehorses in your stable. This will also display your own racehorses details like Career, Genotype, Coat Colour and Bloodline.

Once you have selected your racehorse you will be taken back to the breeding screen and given details about the Cover you are about to buy. It will also explain that you, the owner of the female, will retain the offspring of the breeding.

Once ready to begin, select Buy Cover to begin breeding.

When you select Buy Cover, you will be shown the transaction details to place your racehorse into breeding.

The final step is to press Confirm where you will be asked to Sign and Authorize the transaction in your MetaMask.

Now, let the Procreating begin!

You can check the activity of your racehorses by clicking Check Activity. You can also go back to your stable and wait for your newborn offspring!

And there is your Newborn! Your Newborn will appear in your stable when it is ready. Now the fun begins! It is time to name your racehorse.

First click Name next to your newborn in your stable. You will then have a pop-up modal displaying your racehorses attributes. Once you have selected your racehorse name, click Okay to ensure that it is unique and contains no special characters.

And congratulations your newborn offspring has been named and is ready to be raced!

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