Additional Characteristics

Every racehorse is minted with the following set of characteristics:

  • Ability

  • Stability

  • Distance Preference

  • Stamina

  • Breeding Talent

  • Breeding Decay

Additional characteristics may be introduced in the future.

Helpful Tip: Your racehorse’s distance preference will influence how your racehorse will perform in any given race. The best way to determine the optimal running distance of your racehorse(s) is to compete in a variety of race distances.


The core ability of your racehorse that affects its ability to race and breed.


The reliability of your racehorse from race to race.

Distance Preference

Your racehorse will perform its best at certain distances.


The ability for your racehorse to perform on the track when tired, as well as the rate at which it expends energy from racing.

Breeding Talent

A racehorse’s ability to breed better offspring than others. This is a genetic mutation and is not passed down.

Breeding Decay

Racehorses will begin to lose their breeding ability after giving birth to a certain number of offspring. This decay depends on its Breed Type and will accumulate in increments.

Only bred racehorses will be subject to breeding decay. Genesis racehorses will not be affected.

When a racehorse reaches the offspring counts below, their decay tier will increase by one and the offspring count will reset to zero. Each tier of breeding decay slightly reduces the expected abilities of their offspring.

Breed TypeOffspring Count




36 per tier


24 per tier


12 per tier


8 per tier


4 per tier

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