Lending Marketplace FAQs

How are rewards paid out?

Rewards for races will continue to be paid in WETH, corresponding with the equivalent USD amount which was advertised.

Can I reuse a Lending Permit?

Subject to the terms and conditions, Lending Permit slots can be reused when racehorses return from the Lending Marketplace. Lending Permits are not consumed on use, and they cannot be bought, sold, or traded.

Once unlocked, can I reuse my ZED Tokens to acquire a new Lending Permit?

The amount of ZED Tokens required for a permit may vary. Please read the descriptions in the Lending Marketplace, which explain how permit conversion rates operate. The Manage Permits modal in-game is the best place to get the current lockup rate..

Can I lend more than one racehorse?

Yes, but players can only lend one racehorse per Lending Permit.

How does a borrower select the best racehorse?

Initially, Lending will be about basic accessibility, rather than borrowing a specific type of racehorse. We suggest that players looking to borrow “the best” racehorses, should do their own research, which is a part of skilful participation. There will be additional tools introduced in the future to assist with lending choice.

The intent of borrowing is for lower value racehorses to support game exploration instead of strategic racing engagements and tournament performance.

Initially however, players will see a list of five racehorses to borrow from, there will be no navigation or filter criteria to start with.

How long is the Lending Permit valid for before it expires?

Lending Permits themselves do not expire. However, Lending Periods do expire, initially after four days. If the racehorse is in a gate or race when the time is up, the racehorse will be returned after the race finishes.

Can I sell my racehorse while it’s being lent out?

Players will not be able to sell or transfer their racehorse(s) while it is in the Lending Marketplace, or actively being borrowed.

How does lending interact with promotions like May 4th? For example if a racehorse qualifies for a promotion, who wins the reward? The Lender or Borrower?

Borrowed racehorse participation and rewards will be subject to the terms and conditions specified for a given event. Some events may support borrowed racehorses, others will not. Please review the terms and conditions for a given event to determine what qualifies.

What’s the logic behind not allowing filters or search in the Lending Marketplace initially?

To provide opportunities for new players to play with minimal stakes as they learn the game during their first racing experiences. This is by design. If a player desires to play with a specific racehorse, we suggest buying it from a third party marketplace or entering a direct lending engagement with that racehorse’s owner.

Will Borrower performance impact my racehorse’s stats?

Initially, all race history (for both owner and borrower) will appear on the racehorse’s profile. In the future, these stats will be segmented based on who raced a given racehorse, but until this is implemented – all races will be aggregated.

Can I lend out an unnamed racehorse? If yes, would the borrower be able to name it?

If you lend out unnamed racehorses the borrower would be able to name it. This will not be reset, unless it contravenes our naming policy.

How does borrowing interact with Tournaments? If a borrowed racehorse wins a Tournament, is the prize split 50/50? What happens if the Lending Period ends between the end of the tournament and payouts?

If a lending period ends before the end of a tournament, after a borrower has qualified, or partially completed a tournament and did not receive any rewards, they will receive none of the unpaid tournament rewards.

In the case that a racehorse has undistributed tournament winnings, and it returns to the marketplace instead of the owner’s stable when winning are distributed – neither borrower nor lender may receive rewards.

We are working to develop and implement better controls around borrowed racehorses competing in tournaments, however, this will not be available at launch.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

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