Example A: Same Coat Colour
Sire and Dam are Peach Puff (Red/Orange — Rarity 5).
These two racehorses have the same coat colour.
Now, we apply the first part of the logic:
  • 40% chance: identical Coat Colour as parents
  • 25% chance: identical Colour Box as parents
  • 15% chance: any adjacent Colour Box as parents
  • 15% chance: less rare Coat Colour in same Colour Group to parents
  • 4% chance: any Coat Colour below parents Colour Box (if any)
  • 1% chance: any Coat Colour in the same Colour Group above the parents Colour Box (if any)
Let's assume the Breeding Pair formula determines the coat colour selected is from the adjacent colour box of the parent (15% chance of happening), being Cornsilk (rarity is also 5). Once the breeding pair determines the colour is Cornsilk, we then apply the rarity formula.
Breeding rarity (br) = [r³] / 1000
= (5 x 5 x 5) / 1000 = 0.125 = 12.5%
Therefore, there is a 12.5% chance the newborn offspring will be given a Cornsilk colour. On the other hand, there would be an 87.5% chance that it will drop to the lower rarity level of the same Colour Group.
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