Direct Lending

Direct Lending in ZED RUN provides a safe and secure way for racehorses to be shared with other known players. It offers trustless, team-based gameplay using custom agreements between lender and borrower.

Direct Lending builds on top of the Lending Marketplace, adding additional functionality; providing private strategic arrangements between players, similar to scholarship programs and guild structures in other play-and-earn games.

If you’re interested in direct lending, you first need to understand the new features that support it, so we’ve summarised each one and how they will work below:

Lending Racehorses

Custom Lending Terms

In the Lending menu, if a player wishes to directly lend a racehorse instead of sending it to the Lending Marketplace, the ‘another stable’ option can be selected in the lend your racehorse modal.

When the 'direct lending' option is selected, the modal will display the following customisable fields for players to complete:

Stable ID

  • Represents the desired player that will borrow the racehorse.

  • Stable IDs can be copied from the player’s stable page.

  • Stable IDs will follow the format of:*unique_id*

  • Enter the whole url into the stable id field.

  • During the initial phase of Direct Lending, we will be using public addresses not Stable IDs.

  • Users will need to enter the public addresses of the user they wish to directly lend a racehorse.

  • Public addresses can be found by opening the Wallet in the Top Nav, and copying the characters in the top left of the screen.

  • Public addresses all start with 0x.

Lending period

  • Represents the duration of a Direct Lending term.

  • Must use whole numbers.

  • Minimum value of 1, maximum value of 7 days. Subject to change.

  • Pro Tip: If players wish to have an “infinite” lending period, one strategy is to use the minimum value of 1 and turn on 'auto-renew' – this will provide the shortest lead time possible to recall a racehorse. If a large value is entered, a racehorse won’t return until the END of the lending period.

Prize split

  • Represents the percentage of any prizes earned by the racehorse.

  • The value entered here represents the lender's share. The borrower’s share will automatically be calculated and displayed.

  • Must use whole numbers.

  • Minimum value 0, maximum value 100.

Variable Lending Term & Auto-renew

  • Represents what will happen at the end of a lending period.

  • When auto-renew is toggled on, the lending period will restart and the racehorse will stay with the borrower.

  • When auto-renew is toggled off, the racehorse will return to the owner’s stable and a lending permit will become available.

  • This value can be adjusted at any time, within the ‘on loan’ tab of the stable.

By selecting ‘lend racehorse’, the custom offer will be committed to the chain and the borrower will gain access to the racehorse.

A lending permit will change state to ‘in use’.

Managing Borrowed Racehorses

  • Owners can review the active borrowing term using the ‘on loan’ tab in the stable.

  • During an active direct lending term, owners can toggle the auto-renew feature defined below.

Borrowing Racehorses

Direct borrowers will automatically see the racehorse in their stable, along with the time remaining until the end of the lending term.

If auto-renew is on, at the end of the lending term, the racehorse will remain in the borrower’s stable, and the timer will restart.

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