Breeding is a game element and is pivotal within the ZED RUN ecosystem. Just like the real world, you can breed two (2) racehorses together and produce a new offspring.
In ZED RUN, you can participate in breeding your racehorse(s) and produce a new offspring. To do this, a few things are required:
  • you are a stable owner
  • you own at least one male (colt or stallion) or one female (filly or mare) racehorse
  • you have sufficient WETH in your ZED RUN Wallet.
Similar to ZED RUN's other game elements such as racing, breeding requires skill and strategy to maximise your:
  • racehorse as a legacy and champion
  • own legacy as a championship stable owner (renowned for breeding champion racehorses)
  • potential racehorse and stable profitability.
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