Step 3: Place your male racehorse(s) into the Stud Farm

How to place your racehorse(s) into the Stud Farm directly from your stable.

How to put a male racehorse into the Stud Farm

First, head to your stable and select the male (colt or stallion) racehorse you want to place in Stud Farm.

Once you have selected a racehorse, select the Breed option.

You will then have a pop-up modal showing you the price to enter Stud Farm, the number of covers you have left on that racehorse and allows you to select the duration (1, 3, or 7 days) of time your racehorse will be in Stud Farm.

Once you have confirmed this, you will be asked to Sign and Authorize it in your MetaMask wallet.

Once successfully authorized you will see this screen confirming your horse is on its way to the Stud Farm!


1. While your racehorse is in the Stud Farm, you cannot also use the same racehorse to race. 2. If your racehorse is the male racehorse in the Breeding Pair, you will receive the breeding fees associated with the breeding period. You will not receive the offspring.

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