To participate in any free or paid race, racehorses must have a certain amount of stamina, which determines how frequently they can race. How fast a racehorse recovers its stamina is based on its current recovery rate.

Learn more about recovery rate here.

Before a race starts, the required stamina cost will be reserved and only deducted from your racehorse's stamina once the race is successfully completed. For instance, if the race requires one stamina point, that point will be reserved until all gates are filled and the race has concluded.

To check your racehorse's stamina, simply view the stamina bar on your racehorse page. The bar measures and displays all available stamina.

Stamina FAQ

Does stamina affect my racehorse's performance or breeding ability?

  • No, stamina only determines how frequently a racehorse can race, it does not affect its racing performance or breeding ability.

Will qualifying for tournaments affect my racehorse’s stamina?

  • No, racehorses do not need to spend or reserve stamina to participate in tournaments.

What does reserve stamina mean?

  • When entering any free or paid race, a racehorse’s stamina cost will be reserved before being fully spent when a race has concluded.

What happens if my racehorse’s stamina is not updated?

  • Registering into a race may take a few seconds to reserve a racehorse’s stamina, refresh the page after a few seconds to see the updated stamina status.

What happens to my racehorse’s reserved stamina when a race is cancelled?

  • If a race is cancelled, the racehorse’s reserved stamina will be freed and available again to spend in other races.

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