How racing classes work
All un-raced racehorses begin as a Griffin classed racehorse. Each un-raced racehorse will have a base rating linked to its Genotype as shown below:
Base Rating
Z1 to Z4
Z5 to Z9
Z10 +
The reason for this is to group racehorses with similar abilities after their inaugural Griffin race.
The base rating will be applied to all racehorses in the ecosystem including existing racehorses.
It is important to understand that the Griffin Class acts as an entry point or, as a grading race, to see how your racehorse performs.
All un-raced racehorses will be determined as Griffin Class. Griffin Class racehorses can only compete in Griffin Class races.
Once your racehorse competes in a Griffin Class race, it will be allocated into Class 3, Class 4 or Class 5 depending on its performance in its first race.
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