How racing classes work
All un-raced racehorses must compete in a Griffin race to begin their racing career.
Once a racehorse has run its Griffin race, it must complete nine (9) further Discovery races. These races are used to establish that racehorse's class rating, which in turn is used to assign it to a specific class once the Discovery races have been completed.
After the Discovery races, there are six (6) classes that a racehorse can be assigned to. Once assigned, a racehorse can move up and down between the different classes based on their finishing position in races.
Racehorses cannot enter Discovery races if they are below 80% stamina. Once a racehorse has finished its Discovery races and been assigned to a class, 1-6, it cannot enter races if they it is below 30% stamina, otherwise known as 'exhausted'.

What is stamina?

A step by step guide to understand your racehorse's stamina.
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