Every racehorse will be able to earn XP (experience points) by entering in either free or paid races. The amount of XP earned will determine when your racehorse will reach the next level. This will be displayed by a bar on your racehorse page which will measure your racehorse’s progress.

How to earn XP?

The amount of XP that a racehorse earns is based on:

  • Racehorse class

  • Race position placed

  • Race entry fee

The amount of XP required will also depend on the racehorse's bloodline. e.g. a Nakamoto will require less XP to Level Up while a Buterin will require more XP.

An Unraced racehorse must complete one (1) Griffin race to start earning XP. Learn more about Griffin Races here.


Why am I not earning XP from races?

A racehorse will not earn XP if it has reached its level cap or max level.

To continue earning XP, follow the steps below for each case:

  • A racehorse with a level cap: You may choose to upgrade its class to continue earning XP and Level Up.

  • A racehorse with a max level: This racehorse is at its peak and can no longer earn more XP.

Will my racehorse ever lose XP?

No, racehorses will always earn XP from races, with enough XP the racehorse will Level Up.

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