Colour Pairs and Colour Rarity
When we look at breeding, there are three (3) possible Breeding Pairs (bp):
Depending on the Breeding Pair (bp) of the Dam (D, mother) and the Sire (S, father), one of three (1 of 3) different formulas will be applied to determine the coat colour of the offspring. The formulas are as follows:
  • S = D (same Coat Colour)
  • S ≠ D (different Coat Colour) but S = D (same Colour Group)
  • S ≠ D (different Coat Colour) and S≠ D (different Colour Group)
NOTE: Where D (Dam, mother) and S (Sire, father) are different coat colours, a general rule that the Sire’s influence on the outcome of the newborn offspring is approximately 65% while the Dam’s influence is approximately 35%.
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