Breeding Price Allocation

Careful consideration has been given towards where the funds should be allocated to that are derived from breeding.

Three key areas exist which need investment in order to grow ZED. These are:

  • broad marketing

  • world class game functionality

  • race prize pools

Traditional racing develops their prize pools from funds allocated by gaming license holders. ZED RUN currently does not have this privilege, however, we do have access to other funding opportunities of these prize pools. The first that we are making public is the allocation of a significant amount of the stud farm fees will be allocated towards these prize pools.

As custodians of the game, ZED RUN is determined to ensure that continued investment is adequately placed into each of these areas. The following allocation of the breeding price has been determined:

Stud owner portion is reduced as a penalty for a short duration in the stud farm and rewarded when allowing their stallion or colt to breed for longer.

We intend to review these allocations on a quarterly basis to ensure that these allocations remain appropriate as the game evolves.

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